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Ultimate Provence, in the heart of the Plaine des Maures, combines elegance and audacity on 46 hectares of vines. Designed by Humbert & Poyet, our establishment embodies the quintessential Provence with a modern twist.

Our passion for wine is reflected in an innovative approach to viticulture, where quality and expertise are paramount. Our bottlesrecognizable by their unique aesthetic and their lack of labels, are reusable as everyday decorative objects thanks to our partnership with Q de bouteilles.

We are proud of our commitment to the environmentwith certified organic vines and sustainability initiatives extended to our kitchenwith a focus on local products thanks to partnerships with suppliers such as Château Saint-Roux.

Our restaurant, run by Chef Kévin Soria and supported by Executive Chef Guillaume RigaudiasThis year's event highlights seasonal products, especially those from Château Saint-Roux kitchen gardenand proposes wood-fired bread by Géraud Fleuri and pastries prepared by our head pastry chef, Mailys Valette. We also offer a selection of cheeses matured by Tristan Joly from Fromagerie de Lorgues.

Ultimate Provence offers complete experienceranging from from wine tasting to gastronomyA peaceful setting in the heart of Provence, promising unforgettable moments for all visitors, whether wine enthusiasts, lovers of good food or simply looking for an escape.

Enjoy the Provençal lifestyle with us and let yourself be seduced by the essence of Provence, with a touch of audacity.


7270 Route du Luc
83680 La Garde-Freinet