What is an SLH (Small Luxury Hotel)?

Far from the grandiose establishments that attract thousands of visitors and offer a flat experience or one very similar to the others, the Small Luxury Hotels embody luxury and intimacy. SLHs offer unique stays, combining meticulous design, discreet charm and top-of-the-range services. Let's delve into the world of LSHs, a category of establishments that includes the UP Hotel.

What does SLH stand for?

SLHs, or Small Luxury Hotels, refer to a group of hotel category which offer visitors a unique experience, in an intimate, refined setting, with an exclusive customer relationship. Unlike the large luxury hotel chains, SLHs are small, medium-sized businesses. small-scale tourism residencesThese places are usually unique or marked by history.

The owners of SLH offer a totally personalized approach We're committed to the tourism industry, paying attention to the smallest details and paying particular attention to the well-being and satisfaction of our customers. The small size of our establishments means we can offer warm and friendly atmosphere to each and every traveler, offering them a luxurious stay without straying too far from authenticity.

The history of Small Luxury Hotels

Much more than just a category of luxury hotels, the Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ is a brand that was launched in 1991. The initial objective in developing SLH was to bring together independent luxury hotels to enable them to access a common platform, while retaining their unique identities.

The aim of the concept was to provide independent hotels with the visibility and marketing resources they lacked in the face of large, imposing hotel chains. The focus was on charmthe exceptional services and the character of these establishments to promote them in the global hotel industry. And to attract and retain customers, SLH offers an INVITED loyalty program with a host of benefits.

Classic hotel and SLH: what's the difference?

In concrete terms, SLHs differ from conventional hotels in that they are smaller in size. Travelers benefit from a intimate atmosphere that you won't find in the big chains. But that's not the only difference. SLHs are often independent establishments, marked by a distinctive unique identityWhether it's the exceptional setting or the history of the site.

In general, SLH offers a design that is directly linked to local traditions and culturesand fully personalized service. Guests are immersed in an authentic and exclusive atmosphere, and have the opportunity to enjoy local experiences that they won't find anywhere else.

How do I find an SLH?

SLHs do not belong to any hotel chain. They are thus spread across more than 80 countries around the world all over the world, especially in Europe. Indeed, among 500 luxury hotels SLH members, 300 are based in Europe, including 52 in France. They are followed by Asia, America and, on a smaller scale, Africa, Australia and the Middle East.

Discover Ultimate Provence, your SLH in Provence

SLH highlights luxury hotel establishments that place the customer at the heart of the experience, inviting them to enjoy a stay with local flair. In France, theUltimate Provence hotel is one of the SLHs that showcase the South of France, its traditions and culture.

Nestled in a Provençal vineyard, the 4-star hotel boasts a clean, modern design, with a sprinkling of local touches, blending Provencal charm meets modernity. Wine tastings, culinary specialities and vineyard tours are an opportunity to discover the region's emblematic products, while the hotel offers all the facilities you could wish for. top-of-the-range services and equipment for a dream holiday.

The Ultimate Provence estate welcomes you in a refined and relaxed atmosphere, for an extraordinary experience worthy of the SLH.

Marked by luxury and authenticity, the SLH offers travelers a unique experience, combining top-of-the-range services with the discovery of local heritage treasures.