Set in a wild, mineral environment, in the heart of France's largest nature reserve, the Ultimate Provence terroir covers 46 hectares of vines, all AOP Côtes de Provence certified organic. 


Located in the mythical Var hinterland, streaked with vineyards and dotted with olive trees, Ultimate Provence reinvents the Provencal art of living around a triptych: a resolutely contemporary architectural approach, a magnificent vineyard and a chic, relaxed atmosphere. To enjoy a glass of wine while contemplating the vineyard from which it comes, there's nothing like the roof terrace or the turquoise swimming pool. 

Aerial view of Ultimate Provence and its vineyards
Our Ultimate Provence vines

Come and discover our 46 hectares on a 1h30 tour of our vat room, press and vineyards. 

The Cépage en mouvement tour lets you discover the estate and the secrets behind the production of our wines, culminating in a tasting of our three wine colors.

Visits by appointment only.



Enjoy a 15-minute tasting of our estate wines.

The tasting cellar has been designed to appeal to oenophiles and non-oenophiles alike. Join us in the midst of our emblematic cuvées for a passionate and convivial tasting.

Tasting by prior arrangement. 


Next to the tasting room, the vat room is a unique place.


Driven by our desire to share our expertise and our exceptional wines, we invite you to savor these delights far beyond our estate. Give yourself the opportunity to taste Ultimate Provence wines in unique and enchanting locations.

Frequently asked questions about Ultimate Provence, our vineyard in Provence

The Ultimate Provence estate covers 46 hectares of vines, and every one of its wines is certified organic. Located in the hinterland of Provence, in the heart of France's largest nature reserve, the UP vineyard produces 3-color wines, all bearing the UP logo.Côtes de Provence protected designation of origin.

In order to produce quality wines with perfect balance, the domaine's winemakers cultivate several grape varieties, in blends or as single varietals, depending on the color of the wine and the desired taste qualities.

  • For rosé wine The grape varieties used to make rosé wines are syrah, cinsault, grenache noir and rolle. Syrah's raspberry and spice aromas and Grenache's black fruit notes are appreciated, while the power of Cinsault and Rolle, lighter grape varieties, is softened;
  • For white wine : Ultimate Provence white wines are made from a single white grape variety, rolle (or vermentino). This white grape, which thrives in warm climates, produces a fat, light wine whose freshness is much appreciated. Its many aromas include green apple, pear, pineapple and almond;
  • For red wine : UP red wines are made from two black grape varieties, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. When blended together, these two varieties produce powerful, aromatic red wines with good structure. We love the peppery notes so typical of Cabernet Sauvignon, and the licorice and raspberry aromas of Syrah.

Production per hectare at Domaine Ultimate Provence is 55 hl per hectare. However, to ensure quality wine production, we limit yields to a maximum of 35 or 40 hl per hectare.

This means that with one hectare of vines, we produce between 3,500 and 4,000 liters of wine.

The grapes at Ultimate Provence are not harvested by hand. Mechanical harvesting The grapes are harvested at night, to preserve their aromas and freshness. The estate's winemakers take advantage of technological advances to obtain a quality harvest, picking grapes at perfect maturity, and all without damaging the berries.

Grape harvesters are large, high-mounted machines that straddle the rows of vines. As they pass, the vines are shaken to release the grapes, which are then automatically collected by a recovery mechanism.

On the Ultimate Provence vineyard, we grow 5,000 vines per hectare. This density enables us to maintain an ideal spacing between each vine, to ensure regular growth, where the berries can flourish and take full advantage of the Provence sunshine.

Questions about the vault

Controlling the alcohol content of rosé, red and white wines during vinification depends essentially on the sugar content of the wine. In fact, alcohol is obtained during the winemaking process known as alcoholic fermentation. During this process, the sugar contained in the wine is transformed into alcohol. To obtain the desired alcohol content, the winemaker must be careful to stop alcoholic fermentation at the right moment. The longer the fermentation, the higher the alcohol content and the lower the sugar content. To obtain sweet wines, for example, fermentation is stopped before the sugar has completely disappeared.

At Ultimate Provence, the winemakers use both stainless steel and concrete tanks. This makes it possible to combine the respective qualities of each container, for a tank vinification for each of the estate's wines. Between tradition and modernity, this choice of vats perfectly represents the spirit of Ultimate Provence.

Stainless steel tanks have the advantage of being temperature-controlled. This means that the temperature inside the vat, and therefore the temperature of the wine, is manually adjustable, constant and stable, unlike a concrete vat, whose temperature cannot be controlled by human hands.

Wine-related questions

All Ultimate Provence wines draw their richness from the terroir of Provence, and the winemakers work hard to produce red, white and rosé wines that reflect Provence. Here is a selection of UP wines that draw their intensity and originality from the terroir:

  • La cuvée Origin - Côtes de Provence rosé Origin: the result of a meticulous selection of the estate's finest white and black grape varieties, Cuvée Origin is an intense, fresh rosé wine with delicious fruity aromas of vine peach and apricot, and subtle notes of mint and spice. Serve this rosé with Mediterranean dishes or fusion cuisine;
  • Cuvée Ultimate Provence blanc - AOP Côtes de Provence: made from a single grape variety, rolle, this Provencal white wine reveals fruity citrus notes, as well as spicy aromas of pepper and ginger. This white wine works wonders with seafood (sea urchin, oysters...);
  • Cuvée Ultimate Provence rouge - AOC Côtes de Provence: modern and elegant, this red wine from Provence offers notes of red fruits and spices, making it an ideal accompaniment to red meat and charcuterie dishes.