The term Bistronomic comes from the contraction of the two words Bistrot and GastronomicBistronomy is a new trend in today's catering world. The idea behind the Bistronomie concept is simple: remove the trappings that traditionally accompany the standing of Michelin-starred gastronomy, while retaining the essential: culinary quality.

This is how bistronomic restaurant showcases the rigor, creativity and product quality of Michelin-starred restaurants, but in a simpler, more human setting, reminiscent of the warm ambience of Parisian bistros. The focus of a bistronomic restaurant is to be able to lighten the presence of service or certain ancillary services to concentrate on the quality of the products. In the bistro tradition, the aim is to prepare simple, often traditional dishes to perfection, while adding the creativity of top chefs.

The reason this formula is so popular is that it offers access to dishes of exceptional quality, at prices more affordable than those charged by Michelin-starred haute gastronomie.


On the Chefs' side, the popularity of the bistronomic restaurant is explained by a desire to break free from some of the narrow codes of Michelin-starred gastronomy, and make room for new creativity. While this creative freedom expresses itself perfectly well from a culinary point of view on customers' plates, it should be pointed out that, for chefs, it is also reflected in the way they run their establishments. bistronomic restaurant focus on high-quality local products.

For all these reasons, this concept embraces the Provençal gastronomic tradition. Warm by nature, renowned for its generosity and color, Provençal cuisine is a perfect match for bistronomic restaurant. Its conviviality, its high standards in terms of quality and the origin of the products used, all add to its appeal.

The richness of Provençal cuisine is also an ideal breeding ground for the creativity of the young chefs showcased in their bistronomic restaurant. Made up of products from all over the Mediterranean, this age-old traditional cuisine lends itself particularly well to the reinterpretation of recipes, the blending of flavors and the thousand sun-drenched aromas that the Mediterranean basin has to offer.


Ideally located in the heart of France's largest nature reserve and close to the coast, Ultimate Provence is a winegrowing estate covering over 45 hectares in the commune of La Garde Freinet, easily accessible from Saint Tropez and Sainte Maxime.

Keen to preserve the region's traditional character while daring to embrace modernity, Domaine Ultimate Provence is a place that finely blends modern urban design concepts with the strong, classic character of a Provence wine estate. As a result, the entire estate is a bold blend:

  • urban ultra-modernism with clean, sober lines;
  • coupled with the traditional craftsmanship found in Provence's vineyards

And it is in this unique atmosphere, as convivial as it is refined, that the domaine Ultimate Provence is constantly striving to exceed its guests' expectations. With satisfaction and discovery in mind, the hotel offers a range of accommodation options, including rooms, guest rooms, studios and private apartments.

The estate Ultimate Provence also includes a swimming pool, a lounge area with a subtle, relaxing design, and a bar where you can enjoy excellent cocktails, notably made with the estate's own wine.

As for the Euphoria restaurant, it reflects the image of the estate: it offers chic, casual cuisine, combining local seasonal produce with inventive, glamorous and colorful recipes. It offers a moment of accessible exception, on the borderline between Provencal tradition and the revival of contemporary cuisine. bistronomic restaurant.

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