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The Chef de Partie is responsible for managing provision orders, and to efficiently coordinate supplies, stock, and conservation of all ingredients/products needed for his area, and for the application of reglementary catering hygiene standards.

The Chef de Partie reports to the Head Chef.

Main activities
Manage and lead the team that works in his/her area;
Guarantee the constant quality of dishes produced;
Participate in the achievement of objectives in terms of quality and costs of dishes served;
Apply reglementary health and safety rules and procedures in the restaurant;
Control the application of HACCP procedures;
Ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen and his/her area, the condition of the equipment and materials used;
Relay the head chef's communications to the team;
Develop skills through observation, regular practice and exchanges with other employees;
Pass on knowledge to chef staff and ensure integration of these practices;
Communicate to higher-ups about product needs for orders.
* This list is not exhaustive and is given for information only. The employee may be required to carry out other activities that will fulfill the general mission of the position.

Complementary activities
Chef de partie may be requested to carry out other tasks in coordination with the kitchen team and/or estate staff in order to ensure highly efficient general activity flow and the maintaining of high standards. This role requires a spirit of polyvalence and willingness to be flexible.


Type of Contract
Seasonal CDD

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