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• Manage the inventory (supply / orders), set-up and service at the bar while ensuring optimal health and safety conditions.
• Greet, give advice & make recommendations for the clients.
• Promote the estate's products.
• Contribute to building and developing customer loyalty.
• Coordination of bar staff roles.
• Receipt and control of deliveries (Packing slip and verification of product expiration dates)
• Intervention as needed to control atmosphere


Main activities

Set-up and installation of supplies
• Set-up, verification and storage of inventory
• Coordination of stock needed for each day
• Installation of products and equipment
• Daily checking of specific equipment, materials and products


Service and sales
• Sales Analysis
• Design and updating of sales materials
• Wine & drink advice / recommendations 
• Take orders
• Coordinate payment receipts  
• Management of cash / credit card payments
• Promote products to customers
• Coordinate customer orders


Welcome and General Atmosphere
• Client welcome and special attention to customer’s needs
• Creation of bar atmosphere (decor, music, lighting)
• Bar staff themes/activities (TBD)
• Recommendations about local tourist and cultural activities


• Concept & creation of new drinks
• Development and use of technical sheets
• Ability to respond to client’s requests for specialty drinks 


Level of studies required 
General bac - Bac techno - Bac pro
Years of experience
2-3 years
Type of Contract
Seasonal CDD
Required profile
Main skills – ability to: 
• Adapt the pace of activity to the variability of client flow
• Apply alcohol consumption rules & regulations as needed 
• Ensure efficient flow of service
• Create a warm welcome by personalizing the relationship with the customers
• Be organized, responsive, diplomatic and energetic
• Make clear & concise decisions in the event of a problem

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+33 (0)4 94 85 29 10 La Garde-Freinet
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